Ohio Regional Council Leadership Training Workshop - For Chapter Officers & Directors

When:  May 6, 2021 from 12:00 PM to 01:00 PM (ET)
Associated with  Ohio Regional Council

Session 1: Ohio Regional Council - IMA: What, Why, Who, and How

Thursday, May 6, 12 – 1 pm Eastern

In this session, we will be talking about what the Ohio Regional Council (ORC) is and why it exists. We will talk about the positions and roles on ORC and how IMA members can get involved with ORC. Various ORC board members will share their experiences during this session and there will be a Q & A. The target audiences for this session consists of ORC members who perhaps want to get involved with ORC but are not sure what it involves – and experienced ORC current and past board members who have a wealth of information to share. During this session, we will also play a fast-paced trivia game that will serve to highlight some things about ORC and IMA. We anticipate a couple of takeaways from this session: (1) a recording that can be shared with new board members as an introduction to ORC; and (2) a review of the various ORC board positions. This recording can also be shared with ORC members who were not able to attend the LTW to help spread the word about getting involved with ORC. Register at this link for this session.


Wendy Tietz