Council Board of Directors

Ohio Regional Council Board of Directors 2023-24

Ohio Council Board of Directors 2023-2024 Slate
Council Chair Joe Richards
Secretary Peter Dorff
Treasurer Paul Myers
Past Chair - Executive & Nominating, Awards Sandy Brenner
Rep - Components Engagement Roundtable Sandy Brenner
VP - Administration (Chair-Elect/LTW) Jessica Pellini
  Auditor Pat Smith
  Meetings / (ACE TBD) Honey Wess / Brent Smith
VP - Professional Development & Education Gaby Lahoud
  Director - Academic Relations Kevin Gardner
  Director - Scholarships Cathy Schaefer
  Director - Conference Open
  Director -  Wendy Tietz
  Director - Education/Certification Gregory Jonas
VP - Engagement Dennis Rarick
  Director - Webmaster Sandy Brenner
  Director - Social Media Tanya Shell