Attendee Testimonials

Ohio Regional Council Student Leadership Conference Testimonials


Kately C. from Ashland University writes:

 “I can speak of behalf of the students from Ashland University, that we learned so much from the different speakers!  This is truly something that is almost impossible to grasp through any textbook or classroom lecture.  It gave us all a different angle on the life work of any accountant. The informal atmosphere broke the ice between inexperienced students and the mega companies present like Disney and Cummins.  The people that we all met during the 11th Annual Leadership Conference are people that we all plan to keep in contact with in the future.”

Michael Y. from Miami of Ohio writes:

“Thank you for your support, and providing me with the opportunity to attend the IMA Student Conference in Anaheim.  I had a great experience, and found the speakers to be captivating.”


Emily I. from Ashland University writes:

“The conference allowed me to further develop my leadership skills and learn more about different accounting opportunities and careers.  In addition, I was able to confirm my choice of becoming a CMA and plan to sit for the exam this summer instead of waiting until after graduation.”

 “I also enjoyed networking and building relationships with other IMA students from all over the country.  I was able to learn some of their chapters’ strategies that I can apply to ours at Ashland in the future.  The different sessions were also very beneficial for me while learning how to grow and motivate our IMA chapter and hearing from business professionals on a variety of topics."


Youngstown State students Kelcie W., Matt H. & Revecca C. write:

“Thank you so much for allowing us to go to the IMA conference.  …It was an unforgettable experience and we couldn’t have done it without your help.”