SLC Grant Program

2019 Ohio Regional Council Student Leadership Conference Grant Program



I would like to invite you to apply for this year’s grant from the Ohio Regional Council of IMA to help you attend the 2019 IMA Student Leadership Conference! For more information about this event, please go to

Each year the Ohio Regional Council of IMA provides grants to assist as many students as possible to attend the annual student leadership conference. By applying for, and receiving, this grant, you will become part of a longstanding tradition of Ohio accounting students who have attended this valuable conference thanks to the ORC.

The ORC Grant will cover transportation and hotel accommodations. You are responsible for your own IMA membership (Special $25 membership fee available until September 30, 2019; regular price of $39 after), your conference registration ($175 if registered before October 25, 2019), and incidentals.

Under the ORC grant, you will share a room with up to three other students (four to a room, all the same sex). If this is a problem for you, please designate your preferred number of roommates under the “special accommodations” question on the application. This will not prohibit you from receiving a grant unless we reach a number of eligible applicants that exceeds your requested accommodations. Please note, if there is someone specific with whom you would like to room, please state that person’s name under the special accommodations on the application and be sure that he or she also applies for this grant. (If you have special food requirements, you may indicate that on your conference application form).

In exchange for this grant, the ORC asks you to remain active in IMA for at least one year after the conference, with the hope that you will be actively involved in IMA throughout your accounting career. We would love to see you get involved and capitalize on your experience by joining your local chapter board, organizing a student chapter on your campus, or even just attending your local chapter meetings. We, on the Ohio Council, have all become more involved with IMA than merely paying our dues and claiming membership.

We’ve found new friendships, connected with colleagues from a variety of backgrounds, and enjoyed ourselves at IMA and Council events. You must be (or become when you register) a member of the IMA to qualify.

Thank you once again for your application and enthusiasm about the IMA Annual Student Conference in Charlotte, North Carolina,  November 14-16, 2019. Please complete and submit the online application no later than midnight, September 30, 2019. Your responses to the two essays are important in the grant decision making process.

Best regards,

B. Sue Mullen
Ohio Regional Council Director - Academic Relations

DOWNLOAD APPLICATION  This is a fillable MS Word Document